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8:54 AM EST 7-26-2006, The error on this page was a missing reference to the java script file at live365 in the html code  of this page.

The Script errors on this page have been corrected.  kjones@jones.edu

Here is another method, just click here to Listen Now using another non-java method. This link is an alternative way to listen to the music streams.

Check out the Help-FAQ (Help and frequently Asked Questions) Page

There are several things you can do. Many are outlined in the Live365 Help Documents I will add some of the links after this message. If the Player Window opens there should be two small icons on the left side one resembles a wrench. Here is the screen shot. Notice the Setup Icon. Use this to configure your player. It runs a wizard that can detect and use your systems mp3 players. You can rerun it as often as you like until you get the setup thatís best for you.


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