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bulletMake the most of your media investment. In an advertising age when the media world is changing every day, the evidence shows that Americans  have never stopped tuning in to radio. In an age where accountability is critical, it also demonstrates that effective, creative use of radio offers outstanding return on the media investment.
bulletBacked by the latest market insight and research, we can illuminate how radio connects with consumers, how it works for advertisers, and why it delivers outstanding results.
bulletWe are a top five station in North East Florida and South East Georgia. We offer our music online with Live Streaming 24 hours a day. Our streams are listened to in every state of the union and in over 100 countries worldwide.
bulletRadio gets personal! Listeners have an emotional connection with favorite stations and announcers. They tune in regularly, and trust the information they hear. Listeners believe their station is speaking directly to them.
bulletRadio connects!  Radio engages the listenerís imagination and creates a vivid theatre of the mind. Thatís why radio advertising has the power to penetrate barriers, inspire thought, create action and deliver results.

Radio works! Increase the bottom line. Win credibility, to stay on top. Whether youíre a media planner or buyer, agency strategist or creative consultant, business owner or retailer, Jones College Radio  is your premier resource for radio advertising support, inspiration, and research. We have the tools you need for on-air success!

Theatre of the mind is key to the power of radio. It means a more personal experience, when building a brand, and sets radio apart from all other media. It gives marketers a chance to connect with an audience, build a relationship, reach listeners in the right environment, and give them a reason to care. The listener who relates personally to the station will be more inclined to trust and accept the values of brands advertised on the station; as they create their own story of what they hear, theyíre more inclined to interact and want to be part of the brand.

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