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The History of Jones College Radio

Since 1964 Jones College Radio has broadcast beautiful music in Jacksonville, FL. Jones College was founded in 1918.  Jones College took over the operations of WKTZ FM in 1964. The Format was changed to Beautiful Music and Easy Listening. Jones College was the first licensee in America to have licenses for more than one FM station in the same market. We were approved to operate both 96.1 class C one hundred thousand watt FM as well as 90.9 WFAM a five thousand watt FM noncommercial license. 

WFAM became the number one station in the market for Jazz. The students of Jones College operated it. After 96.1 FM WKTZ was sold the new operators changed the format to something other than Beautiful Music. The new owners of then WKTZ, Kravitz, offered a gift of their newly purchased AM station as well as our old call letters 'WKTZ FM' if Jones College would take them for use on the 90.9 WFAM station and broadcast our original format of Beautiful Music. 

We obtained a construction license from the Federal Communications Commission to increase the power of the newly named WKTZ to fifty thousand watts. We have been offering our number one rated Beautiful Music format on this frequency ever since.

Some questions and answers:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A recent email from a listener asked several questions about how we operated in the past. Specifically did we use Reel to Reel Tapes. here is the answer I gave him.
Yes we did use Reel to Reel Tapes. In the Seventies we converted from LP Albums (Vinyl)  to Tape. We used in those years a lot of various format providers like; Schulke (S.R.B.),  Bonneville, and others as well as our own tapes we created and used for more than a decade. They or we provided the mix of music on reels, and this was the mix we were looking for. We had a series of 8 Play decks that had 5 instrumental reels and three vocal, one vocal was male, one female, and another group vocal reel. Our automation system back them was crude but affective, starting and stopping the reels as needed from embedded tones placed into the recordings. The automation would select the next appropriate play deck, liner, or other announcement as necessary. We would play two to three to one mix of Instrumental to vocal. rotating the male, female, and group. Very much the way we do it now. The reels had to be changed several times a day as they ran out. We also had an array of 8 Track style tape decks  that could play our liners and IDs, as well as other announcement as needed. The computer is able to play whatever we want when ever we want to play it.
FYI. We now have databases of music that are structured very similar to the tape libraries we once had created ourselves. We took the music from LP or CD strait to computer. This is the library we use today. It is still growing. A listener came in several weeks ago and donated his collection, it contained many of the LPs we computerized. I am very much looking forward to getting them into the computer to  in many cases improving the sound quality of our library. I calculated that the donation should replace between 5 and 10 percent of our original LP music. Because our then engineer altered the tone and compression of the recording to computer those many years ago the content suffered. Many of those recordings were Digitally re-mastered from the original source. I am looking forward to having enough time to do so. It is a very Big Job. It could take months if dedicated to it.  however I have a lot of other business to do in the name of both the College and the Stations.

More information is available about or format and others that may continue to play it. http://www.easylisteninghq.com

The listener also asked about using the Music of your life format on ether WKTZ or WJAX. Here is the answer I gave him.
You wanted to know about this history of WJAX Radio as well as WKTZ. I have published some answers for your within our web sites and your should refer to those first. If you have deeper questions I would be happy to attempt to answer them. To see more about the history of WKTZ FM go to:


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For more information on WJAX 1220 AM go to:
You have asked about Music of Your Life (the format). Indeed a high quality format. However, we are not ready to change our format on WKTZ 90.9 FM. As one if not the only remaining Beautiful Music stations in the country I think we will be staying with our current format. At least for the foreseeable future. WJAX 1220 AM had previously used the Music of Your Life format and their Satellite feed. for WJAX 1220 AM It is a format very similar to our WKTZ FM format however there are big differences like a lot more vocals and talk between songs. This is possibly what you are looking for or like... We felt that the format of Music of Your Life was too similar to the FM format we are staying with.  So the question became are we splitting a very large audience or finding a new market place between what we do on the FM and AM stations. We selected our current AM format because it remained conservative while achieving a slightly younger demographic. Our market share on WJAX with its current format has improved over the Music of your Life format. I still believe that the best format for the AM station would be Talk and News however our corporation is a not-for-profit and our Board feels strongly that doing so would jeopardize our corporate goals of remaining conservative in nature but also very non-political.

Kenneth L. Jones


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