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bulletiPod Touch issue solved. 7/14/2011
bulletI cant hear the sound for your stream on any link I can find. What's next?
bulletLogitech Squeezebox Setup for the WKTZ Stream
bullet Pause and Play Issue with the Jones College Radio Player FlashPlayer.jones.edu
bullet A Note from the Station Support Team working on Streaming
bulletCan I use WinAMP to listen to the new stream?
bulletHow do I listen to the new stream on my Smart Phone
bulletWhat is the Direct Stream URL
bullet How can I listen to the new flash stream using Linux?
bulletListen to the New Stream on iTunes using my Mac or PC?
bulletI need help with the New Log File Page
bulletAudio Stream Cuts Out
bulletCan WKTZ fix it for me?
bulletCheck my ISPs Name Server to see if it resolves jones.edu correctly?
bullet I have a Sonos Internet radio, what URL do I use?


ANSWERS to the above questions are listed below. The Links above will guide you to the answers for each.


iPod Touch issue solved. 7/14/2011

Thanks Roger for sending us this message!


Dear Ken,
I wish I could be more technically accurate, but I didn't document anything.

I need to listen to WKTZ on my iPOD Touch, but when you went to your new
"flash streaming", I found I could no longer get your stream. I tried to
go to Jones College Radio via Safari internet on my iPOD, but that
didn't work. However, the solution was so simple.

I use the "TuneIn" Radio app. It is either free or dirt cheap. Since I
had made Jones Radio a "favorite" in TuneIn Radio and it didn't work, I
just deleted it. Tonight, I just went back in to TuneIn Radio and
reselected Jones College Radio - you just select "North America", then
"United States", then "Florida", then WKTZ. It started working! Nothing
to it. Of course, you would use the same method with an iPhone, or iPAD,
as well as iPOD Touch.




What Can I Try?

>>> Jim <@msn.com> 7/9/2011 11:25 PM >>>

  I am not receiving any signal/sound, on any link I try.
PLEASE tell me what I need to do to get your on-line broadcast


1. Check your PC Sound System first.

2. Then go to: http://WKTZ.jones.edu Click the Red and Silver Radio.
3. If that does not work then go to: http://FlashPlayer.jones.edu
4. If that does not work then install iTunes or WinAMP FREE and add (with Ctrl +U on PC, or Command +U MAC) the direct URL:
Again BOTH are FREE
Once installed you must define the URL with Ctrl+U and enter the direct URL as typed below.
The Direct URL is:

5. If your trying to listen from a hand held device then install a flash player (Add the free APP for iPhone FStream)  and add the direct URL above.

Please let me know if this helps.
WKTZ Staff





Logitech Squeezebox Setup for the WKTZ Stream

I read in the manual that the Direct URL is needed.

Squeezebox Classic - Owner's Guide

To play an internet radio station thatís not shown in the Internet Radio area:

1. Using the SlimServer web interface click the Radio Tune In link.

2. Enter the URL for the radio station you want to listen to in the Radio URL field and click Tune In.

I'm sure the other models are similar in that in order to connect to the stream you must define the station don't use the regular link to the Flash Player. Define the staation at WKTZ or Jones College Radio so it shows up on your listing/playlist then enter the Direct URL as: http://ice5.securenetsystems.net:80/WKTZ

Do not use this DIRECT link in a browser or it will not connect properly you must use a player like iTunes, WinAMP or in this case a Squeezebox.




Pause and Play Issue

This is re the Jones College FlashPlayer.jones.edu version 1.0.1

After the Listener Clicks the Pause button within the player the listener is unable to listen to the stream when Play is pressed. In other words once you have clicked on pause the stream can not be played unless it is reloaded. The Mute button works fine as well as the volume fader bar works fine.

In the dark gray area of the player, starting on the left end you see the following icons; Pause/Play, Stop, ID Area, Connection Time Area, Volume Level Fader, Mute, Stop.

We are working on this but until it is solved I can only offer a joke. It goes like this.

The Man goes in to the doctor and says "Hey doc what do I do If my foot hurts when I jump up and down on it like this?" and the doctor replys "Don't jump up and down on it."




Station Support Team working on Streaming

We are receiving many reports about your thoughts on the new streaming quality or experience. This is a good thing many reports have me convinced you agree the quality of the stream is dramatically improved, however many of you are having issues with disconnections and interruptions.  I know that the player used by many is disconnecting you from time to time to insure that you are still listening. The player is pushing advertising that unnecessary and for many unwanted. We are developing our own player that should solve this issue. The new player will contain several images and links to our primary sponsors and services, far fewer disconnections should be enjoyed by all of you.

Your continued reports will help us serve you better.

Keep us informed of  new and existing Streaming Issues to be Resolved.

WKTZ Tech Support


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Can I use WinAMP to Listen to the New Stream?

Yes is does work with the Direct URL entered. Where do I get it? WinAMP is Available for Download Here. We have a system running Windows 7 listening to the new stream without Banner Ads to added Advertising at the start. Thanks for your help on this Dale! Our listeners are a big help. Let us know if you need more information about WinAMP. The test system running WinAMP has now been connected for over an hour without interruption, or ad banners! I will update this as the day goes on. 9:55AM 6/23/2011. Kenneth Jones, GM

This Works Great! WKTZ Tech Team


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Listen to the New Stream iTunes using my Mac or PC?

Yes you can. First get iTunes up and running. Delete first any old reference to the old WKTZ Stream. WARNING! if your iTunes has the old stream URL in it Delete the Old Connection First! Use the Mac command Key (Looks like a four leaf clover) + U (together), a dialog window appears requesting the URL to enter, paste or type the new Direct URL. During our tests the MAC system running iTunes 10.2+ was connected for over four hours without interruption, or ad banners!

This Works Great! WKTZ Tech Team

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How can I listen to the new flash stream using Linux?

Because the new stream is a flash stream, you can use any flash supported software to listen. Most browsers work with flash plug-ins.

It may be technical but I understand that many players have plug-ins that may allow you to listen from players using "xine" a software project that is free and usually from a Linux machine but they also have Win32 (Windows) listed as supported. It may be possible to use this software however it may require you to use the Direct URL listed here on this FAQ page.
More information is available at: http://www.xine-project.org/releases

 What is the Direct Stream URL

Many users ask this question but the answer only applies to a very few. Knowing the direct URL does not mean that you can use it without a device capable of translating the stream into the music you want. Here is the direct URL:


the link should be copied and used in the appropriate software. It is the same link used by handheld devices. if you discover a way the above link solves your issue listening let me know. I will post it here so others can benefit by your discovery. NOTE This link can change without notice. If it does I will try to keep you up to date.

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This above link for smart phone answers was designed to open a window that lists the solutions for various devices.

I have used the iPhone solution listed here and it works great! Ken

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I need help with the New Log File Page.


A nice girl called this morning and asked for help finding a song. She told me that she did not like the New Log File Page.  She said it was hard to use and there was no help available here to guide her is using the new page.

Help on use of the new Log File page.


After speaking with her it was agreed that it would be helpful to have this FAQ added to the Radio Station Site.

The page allows listeners to see all music played since a give date as of this publication the log data available includes over eighty thousand records from 1/1/2011 to current time. It also contains controls to allow users to select or search for specific Artists or Song Titles.

Here is a view of the Page

In the above view it shows a number of columns of data as well as Titles for the columns and additionally various page controls.

The first control at the top left is the "Search" control button. Once pressed the page will be refreshed showing a new row of empty boxes that you could use to ad search criteria. Other controls include page controls to look at a previous page or next page (if one were available). The "Go to" control is available to allow you to select a page number to go to. In the box next to the "Go to" button is where you could type or select a new page number to jump to. the ">" greater than symbol can be use to move to the next page and the "<<" double less than symbol button will take you to the top page (page 1) and so on.

This data is listed as the most (more) recent record at the top of the page. If you refresh your internet browser the most current data will appear. If a new song has been played since you opened this page and you are looking at the to page or page 1 you should see the currently playing song.

If you want to see a list of music that played on a previous day, you can select the search button and type the date of the log entries you want to see and "Query" the result.

Here is a view of the page when the search button has been pressed before the user has entered any information to search.

On the line that contains the new "Query" button, you can see the addition of a line of blank boxes to type your query information. If you are searching for a specific date type the date into the blank box in the date column.

Use the same date format the log contains like "2011-05" (the quotation marks are not needed) for a list of all records that are from May of 2011.  After entering the search text 2011-05, press the "Query" button to see the resulting data. If you are looking for a given artist the type that name into the blank box in the Description column. If its a song title you can do the same.

Note that the times are listed in military format 13:00:00 is 1:00 PM, and 23:00:00 is 11:00 PM. All times are listed locally in Eastern Time US.

I hope this was helpful. Ken Jones, GM <kjones@jones.edu>


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Audio Stream Cuts Out

I have heard about the new stream being stopped every hour or so. This is true if you clicked the New Red (Red and Silver) Radio image an where listening on the new player developed by our streaming provider SecureNetSystems.NET. There player was designed to push the rolling Ad Banners that appear around the player. I think they are attempting to insure you are still listening so they can limit those who connect for many hours at a time. I have been assure by our new provider that we may use our own stream player (Currently under development) that will not have the issue of these ad banners or the initial connection commercial many of you have seen.

We do have plans to have our sponsor banners appear in our player. Sponsors like VyStar Financial Group and First Coast Oncology who along with You who should be appreciated for helping keep Jones College Radio on the air in Jacksonville.


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Sonos Internet Radio

Updated 6-22-2011

I have a Sonos Internet Radio. What URL do I use to connect to your Stream?


> On 12 Jul 2007 at 19:42, Haston, Hugh wrote:

> Still trying ...I did read that my Sonos supports MP3 and WMA based HTTP

> systems if that helps...thanks for trying..



> Hugh Haston

> Managing Director

> Central/Southeast Region

> Correspondent Sales





UPDATE 6-22-2011

The direct URL has changed to the new server listed above in the Direct URL post.



I have been playing with this this morning and found a link that works with WinAmp or http://pro03.live365.com:15174


This IP number could change but the machine name may stay the same. = pro03.live365.com


I have seen things that tell me that Live365 could reorder or reallocate the server that is used for us, so even using the name may not work all the time.




The Number 15174 above is a port (channel) number this one is (seems) to be ours right now. Please give it a try and let me know if this helps you.


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Kenneth L. Jones [mailto:kjones@jones.edu]

> Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 4:10 PM

> To: Haston, Hugh

> Subject: WKTZ Stream


> I am working on your question... I'll get back to you.



> Kenneth L. Jones

> General Manager

> WKTZ 90.9 FM & WJAX 1220 AM

> Jones College Radio

> mailto:kjones@jones.edu

> http://wktz.jones.edu

> Direct Office 904.371.1130

> Cell 904.514.3938




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Check My ISPs Name Server

Hi Niel, Thanks for the update! I have been working with several listeners this morning. I know that http://WKTZ.jones.edu should indeed be working fine. they have indicated this, this morning.

In one case I asked the listener to check there name service. He had a Windows 7 system, but it could have been WinXP, just as well. In ether case, could you try something for me? If you don't have time then discard this and don't give it another thought. But I would be interested in the result...
Open Command Prompt usually with Start, Run cmd. You get the clasic DOS box usually black a background with a prompt something like:
Type "nslookup wktz.jones.edu" without the quotes and press enter.
You should see something like this:
In my case the server: is our name server, in your case it is possibly set to your ISPs (internet service provider) nameserver (That is correct [your ISPs name server number]).  Note: Jones College has 4 name servers ns, ns2, ns3, ns4 all are named with the domain name added as .jones.edu.


Then it should display the server IP address for wktz.jones.edu as above with:
If it does not then your ISPs name server is not resolving our address properly. You should take this up with your ISP (internet service provider).
Please let me know what you discover.

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Can WKTZ fix it for me?

We can always try...  I will continue to post updates to this FAQ. If you have an issue not listed in the FAQ I would love to get your help solving it. If you assist me by describing the problem I can usually find a solution and then publish our findings here so all can benefit.

904.371.1130 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST M-F
800.331.0176 Ext 130 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST M-F
Kenneth Jones kjones@jones.edu



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